Kuwait’s 19-year challenge of flying gravel in the midst of deteriorating roads

Kuwait’s 19-year challenge of flying gravel in the midst of deteriorating roads

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: Deteriorating roads, flying gravel, and persistent potholes present a significant challenge for the Minister of Works, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, who inherits this enduring issue as a heavy legacy. The problem of asphalt flying on highways has persisted for 19 years, dating back to 2005, according to reports from the Ministry of Public Works..

Over the years, the Ministry has established nine committees, spanning from 2011 to 2020, to investigate the flying gravel phenomenon. Despite signing a memorandum of understanding with the State of Qatar in 2020 to enhance cooperation in road implementation, construction, and maintenance, the issue remains unresolved.

The primary cause identified is the absence of a comprehensive maintenance strategy, leading to the general deterioration of both internal and highway roads across the country.

A key concern highlighted in the report is the lack of clear priorities in road maintenance efforts and a failure to adhere to established priorities. The absence of routine and preventative maintenance exacerbates the rapid degradation of roads.

Additionally, the maintenance contracts exhibit limitations, focusing on specific areas within governorates while neglecting others. Maintenance efforts often involve only the sweeping and furnishing of certain lanes on highways.

In the past year, the Ministry of Public Works streamlined road maintenance contracts, reducing them from eight to two fundamental types. These new contracts cover basic maintenance of road works in Kuwaiti governorates and comprehensive maintenance of highways and main road works. The previous contracts encompassed various aspects, including the maintenance of highways, main roads, bridges, intersections, rain drainage networks, and related services. The report emphasizes the crucial role of the human factor within the Ministry of Works in resolving this longstanding issue. Transforming Kuwait’s streets from dilapidated and pothole-ridden thoroughfares to roads befitting the country’s development vision is a primary focus. As a new government takes shape, there is anticipation and hope for positive changes in the next stage that could address and rectify these persistent road maintenance challenges.

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