Banned medications and supplements found in food store

Banned medications and supplements found in food store

Prohibited drugs discovered: Trade authorities expose violations in a food warehouse.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: In a recent operation, inspectors from the Commercial Control Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry took decisive action by closing a warehouse located in Hawalli. The inspection revealed alarming findings as large quantities of meat, chicken, and food items were discovered without proper indication of their country of origin, source, or trademarks. What’s more, these goods were stored in unsanitary conditions.

Food store in Hawalli closed for violations.

According to sources close to the matter, the surprise intensified when inspectors unearthed approximately 2,000 packages and strips containing various health-related medicines during the impromptu inspection. The inventory included therapeutic medications and nutritional supplements. Shockingly, not only were these medicines stored in unhygienic conditions, but they were also found to be listed as scheduled medications. This classification mandates that they should only be dispensed with a prescription and used under medical supervision.

Further investigations conducted by the Commerce inspectors revealed that the warehouse officials were distributing their goods, both food and medicine, through online platforms, delivering orders directly to customers.

Taking swift action, authorities closed down the store and documented a report detailing the various violations uncovered during the inspection. The report will serve as the basis for initiating necessary legal measures against the establishment.

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