MoI urges ministries to settle 552 dinars outstanding payments

MoI urges ministries to settle 552 dinars outstanding payments

Kuwaiti Ministries and Institutions ordered to settle 552 dinars in traffic violations and deportation costs.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has directed the Ministry of Education, Kuwait University, the Applied Authority, and the Research Institute to settle outstanding traffic violations and cover the costs of travel tickets for deported expatriates associated with their respective entities. The total sum amounts to 552 dinars, with the Ministry of Interior requesting the amount to be transferred to its account with the Central Bank of Kuwait.

In a formal letter addressed to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Interior emphasized its ongoing commitment to safeguarding public funds by recovering owed sums from individuals, institutions, companies, and government agencies. The Ministry deems these outstanding amounts as rightful entitlements that need to be fulfilled.

The specified dues include:

  • A traffic violation fine of 30 dinars from the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.
  • A total of 254.9 dinars is owed to the Ministry of Education for covering the travel tickets of five non-Kuwaiti employees who were deported from the country.
  • A debt of 64.9 dinars from Kuwait University, represents the value of a travel ticket for an individual deported from the country under the university’s sponsorship.
  • A sum of 202.8 dinars is owed to Al-Takabi, corresponding to the travel ticket cost for a deported individual.

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