Attempt to Smuggle Massive Tobacco Shipment Thwarted

Attempt to Smuggle Massive Tobacco Shipment Thwarted

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: Osama Khalil Al-Shami, Deputy Director General for Customs Ports Affairs, announced the successful interception of an attempt to smuggle 324,000 bags of chewing tobacco into the country through Shuwaikh Port customs. Al-Shami revealed that the customs team, acting swiftly, thwarted two previous smuggling attempts within the last 24 hours.
The interception unfolded when a container, initially declared to hold sanitary goods, underwent inspection in the yard. Suspicions arose among customs inspectors, leading to a thorough examination using an X-ray machine. The suspicions were validated when it was discovered that the floor of the container concealed bags of prohibited tobacco.
The vigilant inspector promptly cut through the iron floor, exposing the hidden contraband. Highlighting the cunning tactics employed by the smuggler, Al-Shami noted that the individual had welded the container floor to create a facade of emptiness, deceiving inspectors into believing it was a standard shipment. He expressed gratitude and appreciation to all personnel across land, sea, and air customs ports for their dedication, acknowledging their efforts in apprehending anyone attempting to compromise the country’s security.

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