World Winter Bird Counting Day showcases abundance and diversity

World Winter Bird Counting Day showcases abundance and diversity

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: The diverse array of birds present stands as evidence of the Kuwaiti environment’s rejuvenation and its suitability as a nurturing habitat. Dr. Wijdan Al-Oqab, President of the Kuwaiti Society for Environmental Protection, underscored this observation during the World Winter Bird Counting Day event. The event witnessed the participation of bird watchers, enthusiasts, environmental experts, government agency representatives, civil organizations, volunteer teams, photography enthusiasts, student groups, and members of the thirteenth season of the Green Schools Program, including the Society’s Friends of the Environment team.

In a statement to the daily, Al-Oqab called on the public to respect the law and refrain from poaching. She highlighted that organizing such events aligns with the association’s dedication to international environmental initiatives, supporting the environmental cause, strengthening societal roles, and promoting public awareness regarding the preservation of the country’s wealth in migratory or endemic birds. Al-Oqab expressed gratitude to the National Guard, Environmental Police, Public Security, and the Medical Emergency Department for their active participation, emphasizing their crucial role in ensuring the success of the open day.

Muhammad Shah, head of the bird monitoring and protection team at the association, emphasized the variability in the timing and dates of bird counting across countries, influenced by factors affecting their stable presence. He noted that the optimal time for bird counting in Kuwait, with minimal migration, occurs during December and January.

Shah stated, “In Kuwait, we initiated this event in 2012 for a single day, recognizing that this period is insufficient for an accurate census. However, it aids in identifying some bird species present at the event site. We aspire to broaden the event’s scope for a more comprehensive census in the coming years.” The event featured the observation of various bird species, including the great flamingo, egret, gray and rocky plover, Alexandrian plover, hawk, loha, and brown-necked crow. In addition to the event, an exhibition showcasing pictures of Kuwaiti birds, both resident and migratory, highlighted the beauty and diversity of these avian species. The Friends of the Environment team organized awareness workshops focusing on environmental fields, biodiversity in Kuwait, and aspects of bird conservation. Activities included coloring birds, painting wooden houses for small birds to aid nesting, and identifying types of feathers.

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