Kuwait’s Naval and Ground Forces Gear Up for Live Ammunition Exercises

Kuwait’s Naval and Ground Forces Gear Up for Live Ammunition Exercises

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2, (Agencies): Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef has urged the Defense Forces, with a particular emphasis on the Land Forces, to exert maximum efforts and enhance the operational capabilities of the Land Force Operations Center.

During his visit to the Land Force Operations Center yesterday morning, accompanied by Land Force Commander Major General Rukn Muhammad Al-Dhufairi and senior officials from the Land Force and the Kuwaiti Army, Al-Yousef underscored the importance of optimizing joint training and exercises.

Al-Yousef received a comprehensive briefing from ground force leaders, gaining insights into the center’s operations, assigned tasks, and its crucial role in coordinating various ground forces during maneuvers and military missions.

Simultaneously, the Kuwaiti Army Ground Force successfully concluded the three-day “Al-Raqqa” coastal shooting exercise in the Subiya area and Bubiyan Island, utilizing live ammunition. Major General Muhammad Al-Dhafiri, the Land Force Commander, oversaw the tactical exercise involving the artillery brigade, deploying various artillery weapons to target simulated enemy forces attempting to breach Kuwaiti territorial waters.

Additionally, the Directorate of Moral Guidance and Public Relations of the Kuwaiti Army announced that the Kuwaiti Army Ground Forces are scheduled to conduct a live ammunition shooting exercise in Al-Adira’ Square on Feb 6.

The Kuwaiti Naval Force will also engage in a live ammunition exercise in the Marine Field on Sunday, along with another exercise on Failaka Island next Tuesday. All exercises, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., will involve live ammunition and take place across various military shooting and training ranges on land, sea, and air, including the Failaka Island. The Kuwaitis and residents are requested to stay away from these areas during these days.

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