MP Al-Mudhaf calls for urgent action on inflating prices in Kuwait

MP Al-Mudhaf calls for urgent action on inflating prices in Kuwait

Concerns were raised over the artificial inflation of goods and services in Kuwait.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: In response to the escalating prices of essential goods and services, Member of Parliament Abdullah Al-Mudhaf has submitted a proposal seeking urgent intervention. Citing the widespread phenomenon of high prices in categories such as basic goods, building materials, consumer goods, and services like bringing in domestic workers, nursery and private school fees, home maintenance, and communication services, Al-Mudhaf expressed concern over the artificial inflation affecting citizens and residents.

MP Al-Mudhaf

The proposal, introduced with a stated desire to combat this phenomenon, urges the relevant ministries, agencies, and government institutions overseeing service providers and sales outlets to take decisive action. Al-Mudhaf highlighted the recent unjustifiable surge in prices, emphasizing its inconsistency with the country’s general economic situation and the global prices of comparable goods and services.

The proposed solution entails the formation of an emergency team empowered to address the artificial inflation of goods or services. Notably, the team’s members would be granted the status of judicial police officers, equipped with the authority to implement deterrent measures outlined in regulating laws. This includes the ability to compile police reports and submit them to the appropriate authorities for further action. Al-Mudhaf’s proposal aims to address the pressing issue of soaring prices and ensure a fair and regulated economic environment for the benefit of the nation’s residents.

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