Fire controlled in Sulaibiya warehouses by Kuwaiti firefighting teams

Fire controlled in Sulaibiya warehouses by Kuwaiti firefighting teams

Swift response by Kuwaiti firefighters quells warehouse fire in Sulaibiya.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: Early this Saturday morning, dedicated firefighting teams from the Independence, Sulaibikhat, Tahrir, and Support Centers effectively managed and extinguished a fire that broke out in four warehouses situated within an agricultural plot in the Sulaibiya area. The warehouses contained sanitary tools, wood, sponges, and cork.

A Kuwaiti firefighter is extinguishing the fire.

Prompt response from the firefighting teams played a crucial role in preventing the fire from spreading to neighboring warehouses. The operation, led by the acting Chief of the General Fire Force, Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahd, saw coordinated efforts to control and extinguish the flames swiftly.

The incident, fortunately, did not result in any significant injuries, thanks to the efficient handling of the situation by the firefighting teams. Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahd, along with other key officials, including Brigadier General Muhammad Haider Ali, Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, Brigadier General Muhammad Badr Ibrahim, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, and Brigadier General Othman Saad Saleh, Director of the Northern Centers Administration, were actively involved in overseeing and directing the firefighting efforts.

The successful containment and extinguishing of the fire highlight the effectiveness and preparedness of Kuwait’s firefighting forces in responding to emergencies promptly. Authorities are currently conducting investigations to determine the cause of the fire and assess any potential damages.

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