Cracks Down on Real Estate Violations in Farwaniya

Cracks Down on Real Estate Violations in Farwaniya

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: The Municipality, along with the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Manpower, and the Food and Nutrition Authority, conducted thorough inspections to ensure compliance with municipality regulations by real estate owners. As a result of these inspections, a property was identified in the Farwaniya area that violated regulations, leading to the imposition of a block on the property and the issuance of violations. The violations included the unauthorized use of the property for purposes other than its licensed intent, internal subdivision building violations, and an exceeding construction rate. The Municipality’s Public Relations Department emphasized that all necessary legal actions will be taken against the property owner in question. The ongoing campaign, conducted in coordination with relevant government agencies, aims to mitigate negative social and security implications within the scope of each agency’s responsibilities.

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