Expats voice concerns over one-month family visit visa

Expats voice concerns over one-month family visit visa

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: The “Meta” website/app facilitates 30 visitors to secure appointments every hour in the residency affairs departments across the six governorates of Kuwait. The residency affairs departments in Al-Jahra and Mubarak Al- Kabeer governorates experienced lower turnout compared to those in Farwaniya and Hawally due to lower population densities compared to other areas. Numerous expatriates interviewed by Al Anba daily expressed their sentiments wished the Kuwait government will increase the duration of the family visit visa to 3 months saying they feel “one month is not enough.”
They argue that bringing their spouses entails renting an apartment and bearing travel expenses, making a month seem insufficient.
Meanwhile, a MOI source assured expatriates that visit visas will continue unhindered. Government initiatives aim to boost commercial activities in the country without imposing additional burdens on essential services like healthcare. However, the expatriates lamented that the national airline doesn’t serve all destinations where their families reside. They proposed a solution where visit visas to Kuwait are granted only if travelers can show tickets issued by the national carrier.

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