Sporadic Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms Forecasted

Sporadic Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms Forecasted

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: The Meteorological Department issued a weather advisory warning of sporadic, moderate to heavy rainfall across Kuwait. Some areas may experience thunderstorms, accompanied by strong winds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour, resulting in reduced visibility and waves exceeding 7 feet in height along the coast. The warning, spanning 15 hours, is set to conclude at nine in the evening.

Meanwhile, Meteorologist Fahd Al-Otaibi stated that there will be a continued likelihood of light to moderate rain until Monday morning. He anticipates that certain areas may experience occasional thunderstorms in the evening, leading to reduced visibility caused by fog. Furthermore, Al-Otaibi elaborated that based on weather maps and predictive models, Kuwait is expected to encounter a more intense rainy fall starting Wednesday evening. He forecasts that this upcoming rainy period will persist until Friday afternoon.

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