Camping season to end March 15

Camping season to end March 15

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 29: The Kuwait Municipality issued a notice Thursday, emphasizing that the deadline for camping ends March 15. Owners are urged to voluntarily dismantle their camps before the official camping season concludes, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to a press release from the municipality, the Spring Camps Committee is scheduled to convene next Sunday to review the preparations of field teams tasked with removing camps that exceed the permitted camping period. It has been stated unequivocally that establishing camps on government land will not be permitted after the aforementioned date.

Camp owners are reminded to ensure the cleanliness of their camping sites and to adhere strictly to regulations and guidelines to avoid potential legal consequences. Furthermore, it has been clarified that obtaining approval from the Environment Public Authority, indicating that the campsite is clean and devoid of any environmental harm post-removal, is a prerequisite for reclaiming any deposited insurance amounts.

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