Hotels Consider Allowing Unmarried Kuwaitis to Book Rooms Independently

Hotels Consider Allowing Unmarried Kuwaitis to Book Rooms Independently

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 29: Have Kuwaiti hotels lifted their long-standing ban on hosting single Kuwaiti guests, both male and female, without requiring them to be accompanied by their spouses?

This inquiry arises amidst circulating information suggesting a shift in hotel policies to permit unmarried Kuwaitis to book rooms independently, without the previous requirement of marital proof. Although there are no legal impediments to unmarried or married Kuwaitis reserving hotel accommodations independently, complaints have historically arisen due to alleged verbal directives from the Ministry of Interior prohibiting such stays.

While hotel officials maintain they have not received new security directives contradicting this practice, Fahd Abu Shaar, General Manager of St. Regis and Sheraton Kuwait hotels, affirms their commitment to welcoming all guests within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations, reports Al Rai daily. He emphasizes that there are no legal provisions prohibiting citizens or legal expats from booking hotel accommodations or utilizing hotel services.

Abu Shaar asserts that their hotel complex does not enforce procedures preventing Kuwaitis or expats from booking rooms without spousal presence, highlighting the significance of fostering domestic tourism and leveraging Kuwait’s tourism potential. Additionally, hoteliers affirm that allowing hotel reservations without marital requirements aligns with general laws and can invigorate hotel activity, particularly given limited local tourist options.

Hotel officials commend this potential policy shift as a positive development, attributing it to recent decisions by Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, aimed at revitalizing economic activity and aligning Kuwait with Gulf-wide measures. They anticipate that such decisions will bolster commercial and tourism sectors, increase revenues for Kuwaiti businesses and hotels, and enhance employment opportunities for nationals.

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