Life dedicated for the love of cats and dogs by Arab expat

Life dedicated for the love of cats and dogs by Arab expat

KUWAIT CITY, March 3: Khaled Al-Desouki, an Arab expatriate, has dedicated two decades of his life to caring for animals, particularly cats and dogs. Despite not having children of his own, he lovingly refers to his furry companions as his “animal children,” demonstrating a rare level of devotion and compassion, reports Al-Rai daily. In his modest apartment, Al-Desouki tends to over 20 cats, ensuring they are fed, hydrated, and receiving necessary medical attention. His affection for these feline friends is evident, but it is his profound love for dogs that truly shines.

Every day, before starting his work, he attends to a group of dogs in the Jahra Industrial Area, ensuring they are fed and cared for. Despite the financial strain of supporting so many animals, Al-Desouki remains steadfast in his commitment, believing that his actions bring him blessings and good health. His bond with his animal companions runs deep, with him going above and beyond to ensure their well-being. From providing shelter to performing medical procedures, such as spaying weak cats to prevent pregnancies, he tirelessly looks after their needs. Al-Desouki’s routine revolves around his beloved animals, with his days filled with care and attention for them.

He takes great joy in seeing them happy, even if it means making sacrifices like reducing his meals or deducting from his salary to treat them to a special fish meal each month. His devotion extends beyond his pets, as he celebrates and supports the dogs in his community, offering them treats and advocating for their proper treatment. For Al-Desouki, the most rewarding moments come when he is greeted by wagging tails and excited barks from his furry friends. In his world, each animal has a name and a personality, from the pregnant cat “Modi” to the quick-tempered “Father of Anger.”

These animals are not just pets to him; they are cherished companions who bring joy and purpose to his life. Despite facing challenges such as limited resources and the absence of a vehicle, Al- Desouki remains undeterred in his mission to care for animals in need. With the help of supportive individuals and the belief that he is guided by a higher power, he continues to make a difference in the lives of countless furry creatures, one act of kindness at a time.

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