2 women among 42 first-day filers

2 women among 42 first-day filers

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: A total of 42 citizens, including two women, filed their applications to stand for the 2024 National Assembly election on Monday — the first day of the period specified for the filing of candidacies.

Former Assembly Speaker Ahmed Al-Saadoun is spotted at the Election Affairs General Department within the Interior Ministry, submitting his candidacy on the first day of the specified filing period.

Following is a breakdown of first-day registrants per constituency:

First Constituency: 11 men
Second Constituency: 10 men
Third Constituency: seven men and two women
Fourth Constituency: seven men
Fifth Constituency: five men

Former Assembly Speaker Ahmed Al- Saadoun was the first to file his candidacy at the Election Affairs General Department in the Interior Ministry. He pointed out that although the people are now bored of the repetitive election since 2020, they are aware of their essential role in electing pro-reform representatives. He said the 2023 Assembly had unprecedented achievements, including the approval of the legislative agenda in coordination with the government.

He added such coordination resulted in the ratification of the most important bills, some of which were submitted by the government. He went on to say it was the first time in Kuwait’s parliamentary life that a block of 48 MPs agreed on the legislative agenda to cover the entire parliamentary year. He stated the people proved their capability to choose their representatives well when the latter willingly abandoned their interests for the sake of public interests. He believes the citizens will once again choose their representatives well to continue the legislative and monitoring tasks and approve the previous legislative agenda or agree on a new one.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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