Authorities to Detain Street Vendors Throughout Ramadan

Authorities to Detain Street Vendors Throughout Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY, March 10: The Minister of Municipality, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, called on the directors of hygiene departments in the municipality branches in the six governorates to launch campaigns against street vendors spread throughout the regions on the first days of the month of Ramadan, reports Al-Qabas daily. During the minutes of her meeting with those responsible for hygiene in the municipality’s branches in the governorates, a copy of which the daily obtained, Al-Mishaan stressed the necessity of replacing damaged garbage containers in residential areas and washing dirty containers, every week, according to the contract, and activating it immediately.

Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan

She added she will go on inspection rounds in the governorates to ensure the extent to which each governorate, according to its various departments, carries out the tasks assigned to it. Meanwhile, the minister directed officials to cooperate with the Ministry of Education regarding preparing the schools designated as election centers or committees during the polling day, corresponding to April 4, in all aspects, especially regarding the cleanliness of their internal and surrounding facilities, such as parking lots and others, and ensuring the smooth entry and exit of voters from the polling centers without obstacles.

She said this work can be done in cooperation with the ministries of Interior and Justice on polling day and preparing the electoral committees, including providing tables, chairs, and halls, and creating the best conditions during the election, whether for judges, voters, or even candidates. This is in addition to the presence of cleaners in uniform on polling day to provide services, while ensuring the cleanliness of the electoral committees, and following up on everything related to the public appearance, with the presence of all municipal officials on polling day, to deal with emergency developments.

Al-Mashaan requested intensifying the use of automatic sweepers daily in all regions of Kuwait, in addition to sweeping the emergency lanes on all roads, especially in the densely populated governorates, such as Farwaniya, Jahra, and Al-Ahmadi, and cleaning markets in the governorates using small machines such as the Mubarakiya and Brayeh Salem markets, public places, beaches, and other crowded places. Al-Mishaan identified the tasks assigned to hygiene inspectors during the coming period, which are:
■ Implementing campaigns against violators in commercial, investment and industrial areas in coordination with other parties, according to the specified schedule.
■ Implementing a campaign on grocery stores and “food trucks” in residential areas and everything that occupies the road.
■ Organizing campaigns against street vendors throughout the regions on the first days of the month of Ramadan.
■ Putting pressure on cleaning companies and oblige them to clean periodically, monitor the places of garbage spread in the regions, and monitor the performance of the companies’ workers.
■ Field visits by hygiene managers to monitor their sites.
■ Follow up on cleaning neglected sites, such as Al-Wafra and Abdali farms, Kabd and camel farms, Al-Khuwaisat chalets, and barren areas.
■ Replacing damaged containers in residential areas and washing dirty containers, every week, according to the (inactive) contract, and activating it starting in the coming days.
■ Violation of commercial and investment complexes in the event of failure to place sufficient containers and remove the violating containers therein.
■ Cleaning the open areas after the end of the camping season, and ensuring that the deposit is not refunded until after ensuring that the camping site is completely clean, by bringing a paper in the name of the license holder, extracted from the Environment Public Authority, proving the cleanliness and safety of the place.

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