Masked mega-thief held after hunt for two years

Masked mega-thief held after hunt for two years

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: The criminal security sector of the Ministry of Interior has put an end to the activities of a prolific thief who operated for approximately two years, specializing in thefts from residential apartments, vehicle tires from vehicles parked in open areas, power generators, and appliances from camps, reports Al-Anba daily. It has been noted that a comprehensive inventory of the crimes committed by the suspect will take some time, and the number of cases officially registered against him has already reached 40 across the six governorates of Kuwait. The culprit was arrested by detectives in Hawalli.

The man born in 1989 was staying in the country illegally and has confessed to committing numerous crimes previously recorded against an unidentified person, particularly in the Hawalli and Salwa areas. Two vehicles used in his thefts have been confiscated. Following a surge in theft cases involving vehicle tires and gas cylinders in the Hawalli Governorate, a specialized task force was formed to track the thief’s movements and vehicles. Investigations revealed that the perpetrator operated under the cover of darkness, wearing a mask.

Surveillance footage aided in identifying the vehicles used by the thief, leading to the arrest of the suspect, who called himself EM. He disclosed the locations he targeted and admitted to selling stolen goods in the scrap market. Although the accused confessed to approximately 15 thefts in Hawalli Governorate, only three cases were officially registered — theft of vehicle tires (case no. 2024/38), theft of gas cylinders (case nos. 2024/145 and 2024/148), all classified as misdemeanors.

Furthermore, the accused confessed to a broader range of thefts, including power generators and various devices stolen from camps over the years. It is anticipated that the total number of his thefts may exceed 100 cases, including those officially recorded and others that went unreported due to victims’ reluctance or the perceived insignificance of the stolen items. The suspect will be subjected to further investigation to ascertain the full extent of his criminal activities.

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