South African Ambassador ‘commends’ Kuwait’s support for Palestinians

South African Ambassador ‘commends’ Kuwait’s support for Palestinians

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: South Africa’s Ambassador to Kuwait HE Manelisi Genge, has commended Kuwait’s steadfast support for the Palestinian cause, affirming his country’s commitment to stand by the Palestinian people and work towards ending apartheid and genocide practiced against them.

South African Ambassador Genge poses for a photo with media personnel.

During a meeting with Kuwaiti media representatives, Ambassador Genge hailed the recent decision by the International Court of Justice as a significant victory for international law and justice for Palestinians. He underscored South Africa’s historical support for the Palestinian cause, a shared commitment with Kuwait, while at the same time praising the Kuwaiti media for their supportive role in strengthening bilateral relations between South Africa and Kuwait, particularly in covering South Africa’s case against Israel in international forums. He also highlighted the mutual support between the two countries in various multilateral platforms.

Emphasizing Kuwait’s importance as a trade and investment partner in the Middle East, the South African noted the growing market for South African food products in Kuwait, including fresh produce, meats, juices, and dairy items. He highlighted cooperation with Kuwaiti Livestock Company in supplying meat products via Dubai. The ambassador expressed South Africa’s eagerness to deepen ties with Kuwait into a solid strategic partnership, aiming to advance shared national interests for the mutual benefit of both nations. Ambassador Genge extended an invitation for Kuwaitis to explore South Africa’s renowned tourist attractions, citing its diverse wildlife, scenic beaches, adventure activities, and cultural heritage sites. He noted an increase in tourist arrivals from Kuwait in 2023 and highlighted the exemption of Kuwaitis and certain residents from visa fees, making South Africa an accessible and affordable destination. Highlighting South Africa’s unique blend of weather, infrastructure, culture, and hospitality, Ambassador Genge described it as an unparalleled tourist destination offering exceptional experiences at minimal cost.

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