Principal promises ‘Eidiya’ to pull students to school

Principal promises ‘Eidiya’ to pull students to school

KUWAIT CITY, April 8: The head of a primary school within the Jahra Educational District has introduced a novel initiative termed ‘Will give you Eidiya’ (money given to children by parents, elders) aimed at motivating female students to maintain regular attendance. This proactive step seeks to address the prevalent issue of absenteeism both before and after official holidays.

Encouraging a commitment to education, the principal emphasized the importance for both male and female students to remain engaged in the learning process, be it through traditional in-person classes or distance education, reports Al-Rai daily. Driven by a desire to foster a culture of academic excellence and perseverance among her students, the principal personally allocated resources to support the entire ‘Eidiya’ initiative. Her decision was prompted by the unexpected absence of students on Sunday, April 7, despite prior agreements to abstain collectively until after the Eid holiday.

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