Health Ministry opens registration for scholarships and study leaves

Health Ministry opens registration for scholarships and study leaves

Ministry of Health announces scholarships for medical specialties.

KUWAIT CITY, April 23: The Ministry of Health has announced the opening of registration for scholarships and study leaves for the academic year 2024-2025, extending the deadline until Thursday, May 16. These opportunities are available for technical and allied medical specialties.

Employees interested in pursuing scholarships or study leaves are encouraged to review the application process through the Public Jobs Department – Leave Control, which oversees the Scholarships and Study Leaves Section.

Approval for the scholarships and study leaves plan for the year 2024-2025 was granted by the Civil Service Commission, benefiting the Ministry of Health. The plan encompasses 365 seats allocated across various educational programs, including graduate studies, university studies, and national initiatives aimed at enhancing the nursing workforce.

Allocation of Seats:

  1. Graduate Studies (Master’s – Doctorate):
    • A total of 165 seats have been approved.
    • This allocation includes 30 seats for study leaves, 130 for scholarships, and 5 seats designated for the Arabian Gulf University.
  2. University Studies (Diploma – Bachelor’s):
    • 100 seats have been allocated.
    • Among these, 40 seats are for study leaves, while 60 seats are designated for scholarships.
  3. National Program to Raise the Level of Nursing Staff:
    • The plan includes 90 scholarships, divided into 40 seats for diplomas and 50 seats for bachelor’s degrees.
    • Additionally, 10 scholarships have been approved for distinguished universities.

The announcement, as published in Al-Anbaa, outlines the available opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers in the medical field. Interested applicants are encouraged to adhere to the specified deadline and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

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