Crack Down on Reckless Driver Featured in Viral Video

Crack Down on Reckless Driver Featured in Viral Video

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: The authorities have seized and confiscated a vehicle featured in a viral social media video for exhibiting reckless behavior that endangered lives.

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Following public concern over a video depicting a driver engaging in reckless and dangerous maneuvers, the Ministry has taken action. The vehicle in question has been impounded, with the driver remaining unidentified. Upon inspection by the Technical Inspection Department, it was determined that the vehicle had been tampered with. Legal proceedings are underway.

The Ministry underscores that vehicles bearing foreign license plates, whose true ownership cannot be ascertained and lack corresponding database records, fall under Article 876 of the Civil Code. This designates them as permissible movable property abandoned by their owners, thus becoming state property subject to disposal at the state’s discretion.

Emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy toward reckless behavior on the roads, the Ministry asserts its commitment to enforcing the law to safeguard the well-being of all road users.

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