Fire Teams Control Al-Salmi Blaze

Fire Teams Control Al-Salmi Blaze

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: On Saturday afternoon, firefighting teams successfully contained a fire that spread across 3,000 square meters in the Al-Salmi area. The firefighters effectively managed and extinguished the blaze.

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Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahad, Acting Chief of the General Fire Force, highlighted that the swift response of the firefighting teams played a crucial role in preventing the fire from spreading further and in achieving rapid control.

Major General Khaled Fahad called on relevant state authorities to regulate the sale, marketing, and distribution of feed by establishing organized and licensed markets that adhere to safety standards. He stressed the importance of eliminating the widespread practice of random feed sales by vendors along roads and streets, which has led to recurring fire incidents. This is particularly critical during the summer months, characterized by high temperatures and humidity, posing significant risks to community safety and the environment.

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