Kuwait intercepts massive hashish shipment worth quarter-million dinars

Kuwait intercepts massive hashish shipment worth quarter-million dinars

Kuwaiti citizen arrested with 100 Kg of hashish.

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: In a significant victory against drug trafficking, the General Department of Narcotics Control successfully intercepted an attempt to smuggle 100 kilograms of narcotic hashish into Kuwait by sea. The seized drugs, with an estimated market value of a quarter of a million Kuwaiti dinars, were intended for distribution within the country. A Kuwaiti citizen has been arrested in connection with the smuggling operation.

This operation is part of the ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Interior to combat the drug epidemic, apprehend dealers and smugglers, and protect society from the harmful effects of narcotics. The Ministry reaffirms its commitment to these efforts, emphasizing the relentless work of criminal security personnel in confronting drug-related crimes.

The Ministry of Interior also urges the public to cooperate with law enforcement by reporting suspicious activities. Citizens can contact the emergency hotline at 112 or the General Administration for Narcotics Control at 1884141 to report any negative phenomena or provide tips related to drug trafficking.

By maintaining vigilance and fostering community cooperation, the Ministry aims to safeguard the well-being of Kuwaiti society and eradicate the dangers posed by drug smuggling and distribution.

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