Ministry moves to accelerate ‘Kuwaitization’ of Cooperative Societies

Ministry moves to accelerate ‘Kuwaitization’ of Cooperative Societies

Ministry of Social Affairs plans major amendments to boost cooperative work recruitment.

KUWAIT CITY, May 28: The Ministry of Social Affairs is poised to implement significant amendments to Ministerial Resolutions No. 67 and 68, which govern the regulations for cooperative work. These changes, aimed at enhancing the recruitment and benefits criteria for supervisory positions in cooperative societies, come in response to the limited number of citizens who have joined these associations since the resolutions were enacted over a year ago.

Despite the initiation of the recruitment process, the expected influx of citizens into managerial, deputy, and department head roles has not materialized. To address this, the Ministry is considering a new mechanism designed to accelerate the “Kuwaitization” of these positions. This initiative aims to ensure a higher number of qualified citizens are recruited, particularly those who have met the interview criteria and achieved the necessary 80 percent threshold.

Sources within the Ministry emphasize that the Kuwaitization effort is a top priority, receiving extensive support from the Council of Ministers and close oversight from both the Minister of Affairs and the committee responsible for demographic composition adjustments and labor market development.

Acting Undersecretary Abdulaziz Sari is expected to convene a meeting with the Quartet Committee, which oversees the nomination and interview process for cooperative society positions. This committee includes representatives from the Public Authority for Manpower, the Federation of Associations, and the hiring association itself. The meeting aims to expedite the recruitment process and ensure the swift integration of citizens into these roles.

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