Kuwait records 1,345 accidents, 28,000 traffic violations in one week

Kuwait records 1,345 accidents, 28,000 traffic violations in one week

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: The General Traffic Department, under the leadership of Major General Yousef Al Khadda, has released its weekly statistics for the period spanning from May 18 to May 24, shedding light on the state of traffic violations and accidents within the jurisdiction.

According to the report, a total of 28,175 traffic violations were recorded during the aforementioned week. Additionally, traffic police responded to 1,345 accidents, comprising 228 serious incidents resulting in injuries and fatalities, alongside 1,117 collision accidents of a less severe nature.

Of significant concern were cases involving juvenile drivers, with 26 minors being referred to the Juvenile Prosecution for operating their parents’ vehicles without possessing a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, authorities impounded 52 vehicles and 35 motorcycles for various infractions, while 26 individuals were reported to the traffic police for committing serious violations.

In a proactive approach to law enforcement, 14 individuals wanted for criminal and financial offenses were apprehended during inspection campaigns conducted throughout the week. Additionally, five individuals were arrested for being absent from legal proceedings, while four individuals were detained for substance abuse-related offenses.

These statistics underscore the ongoing efforts of the General Traffic Department to maintain road safety and uphold traffic regulations. Through rigorous enforcement measures and targeted campaigns, authorities aim to mitigate the occurrence of accidents and promote responsible driving behavior among motorists.

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