Eyewitnesses speak out on Al-Mangaf fire horror and survival

Eyewitnesses speak out on Al-Mangaf fire horror and survival

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KUWAIT CITY, June 12: Eyewitnesses of the tragic Al-Mangaf building fire recounted harrowing tales of the catastrophe, describing scenes of horror and heroism amidst the chaos. According to their narratives, the sight of flames engulfing the building, accompanied by billowing smoke from every crevice, instilled fear and dread among onlookers.

One witness recalled a particularly distressing incident where a resident worker, driven by desperation to escape the inferno, leaped from the fifth floor, meeting a tragic end as he struck the balcony’s edge.

Firefighters swiftly responded to the scene, managing to contain the blaze in a remarkably short time. However, the early morning outbreak caught many residents unaware and asleep, resulting in numerous fatalities as thick smoke filled the corridors, leaving occupants trapped and struggling to breathe.

Amidst the chaos, the diligence and professionalism of the firefighters, coupled with residents’ adherence to safety instructions, proved instrumental in saving lives. Many were able to escape the suffocating smoke by following firefighters’ guidance and seeking refuge on the building’s roof.

Witnesses highlighted the closure of ground passages within the building as a contributing factor to the severity of the suffocation experienced by many victims. This obstruction hindered residents’ movement and further compounded the challenge of evacuating the building swiftly.

As investigations into the tragic incident continue, the accounts of eyewitnesses serve as poignant reminders of both the devastation wrought by the fire and the resilience displayed by individuals in the face of adversity.

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