Three lose Kuwaiti citizenship under the Amiri Decree

Three lose Kuwaiti citizenship under the Amiri Decree

Kuwait tightens nationality rules with latest revocations.

KUWAIT CITY, June 11: The Supreme Committee for Nationality Investigation has continued to issue decisions regarding the loss and withdrawal of citizenship. On Tuesday, a special supplement to the official newspaper “Kuwait Al-Youm” announced that Kuwaiti citizenship would be revoked for three individuals. These decisions were made in accordance with Article 11 of Emiri Decree No. 15 of 1959 of the Kuwaiti Nationality Law.

Article 11 states: “A Kuwaiti loses his nationality if he voluntarily naturalizes himself with a foreign nationality. His Kuwaiti wife does not lose her nationality unless she joins his nationality, and his minor children lose their Kuwaiti nationality if they voluntarily assume their father’s nationality in accordance with the law about this nationality. They may announce to the Minister of Interior that they will choose their Kuwaiti nationality within the two years following their reaching the age of majority.”

The committee’s actions highlight the ongoing enforcement of nationality laws in Kuwait, aimed at maintaining the integrity of Kuwaiti citizenship.

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