Luxury Brand Scam Revealed

Luxury Brand Scam Revealed

Kuwait’s largest-ever fake goods seizure totals 10 million dinars

KUWAIT CITY, June 18: In an unprecedented operation, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, in collaboration with the Ministry of State for Communications Affairs, has conducted the largest seizure of counterfeit products in its history. Minister Omar Al-Omar commended the exceptional efforts of the inspection teams, expressing his gratitude for their vigilance and dedication to safeguarding the Kuwaiti market from commercial violations and fraud.

In a statement, Minister Al-Omar emphasized the ministry’s commitment to advancing the commercial inspection and control system. “We are committed to developing the commercial inspection and control system to maintain the stability and growth of the Kuwaiti market. Our goal is to protect consumers from any violations and ensure a safe and prosperous commercial environment for all,” he said.

The inspection teams successfully confiscated a staggering 623,762 counterfeit items, including accessories, bags, women’s clothing, shoes, and other luxury goods bearing the trademarks of famous international brands. The total estimated value of the seized goods exceeds 10 million dinars. This operation took place in a warehouse located in Farwaniya Governorate.

Minister Al-Omar also highlighted the ministry’s ongoing efforts to support and enhance the capabilities of its staff. “We will continue to provide full support to our staff and enhance their capabilities to ensure a safe and prosperous commercial environment for all,” he added.

This landmark operation underscores the dedication and effectiveness of Kuwait’s commercial control teams in their fight against commercial violations, promising a more secure market for consumers and legitimate businesses alike.