New committee to scrutinize academic certificates of foreign employees

New committee to scrutinize academic certificates of foreign employees

Kuwait’s government establishes a committee to scrutinize foreign academic credentials.

KUWAIT CITY, June 20: In a bid to ensure the authenticity and validity of academic certificates held by citizen and resident employees issued from outside Kuwait, Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, has established a specialized committee for this purpose.

The formation of the committee, as per an exclusive copy of the decision obtained by Al-Qabas, is chaired by Lamia Al-Mulhim, the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education. It comprises members such as Narjis Yahya, the Assistant Undersecretary for Scholarships and Study Leave Affairs at the Civil Service Bureau, and Rabab Al-Osaimi, the Deputy Acting Director General of Planning and Administrative Development at the Public Authority for Manpower, among others.

The committee’s primary mandate is twofold: firstly, to examine post-secondary academic certificates issued outside Kuwait for all academic degrees held by citizen and resident employees since 2000, and secondly, to verify the authenticity of these certificates by approved principles and standards.

According to the decision, the committee will convene at the chairman’s invitation, with meetings deemed valid in the presence of the majority of members, including the chairman. It has the authority to form subcommittees and enlist additional assistance as needed. Furthermore, it is required to submit monthly progress reports to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, culminating in a final comprehensive report at the end of its six-month tenure.

This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of academic qualifications within the workforce and ensuring that foreign academic credentials align with Kuwait’s educational standards.

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