Registration for employment up to the age of 65 years

Registration for employment up to the age of 65 years

Registration for Central Employment System open to citizens aged 18-65.

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: Registration process for citizens in the Central Employment System at the Civil Service Commission is open to Kuwaiti citizens aged 18 to 65 years. Highlighting a specific case, the sources mentioned a group of citizens who have been registered in the central employment system since 2000, with one individual born in 1969 and currently 55 years old, reports Al Anba. Despite being nominated for work, this individual was rejected by the employing party and remains on the waiting list for a government job.

The sources emphasized that citizens registered for employment, including those in this group, will be given job opportunities again, even if they were previously rejected by government agencies due to lack of review. However, concerns arise about the potential loss of these opportunities, which could be crucial for citizens in urgent need of employment.

Responding to inquiries about the number of individuals rejected or refused job opportunities, the sources disclosed that the total is approximately 3,500 citizens.

Regarding the prioritization of nominations, the sources explained that priority will be given to individuals who were previously nominated and rejected job opportunities multiple times. However, it is noted that not all rejected individuals may be nominated due to new needs not covering them. This leaves opportunities available for new candidates, with emphasis placed on prioritizing those who have not received any job opportunities before.

Under the new recruitment mechanism, candidates who refuse to be nominated for two different government agencies will forfeit their right to the role and be returned to the system as registered for employment for the first time.

These new guidelines aim to streamline the employment process and ensure that job opportunities are allocated effectively to citizens in need while maintaining transparency and fairness in the recruitment process. Further updates on the implementation of these measures will be provided by relevant authorities as needed.

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