15-minute limit set for Friday prayers in hospital and market areas

15-minute limit set for Friday prayers in hospital and market areas

Ministry sets a time limit for Friday prayers in hospitals and markets.

KUWAIT CITY, July 2: The Ministry of Awqaf has issued a directive urging imams and preachers in hospital and market areas to strictly adhere to a 15-minute limit for Friday prayers, including the sermon. The aim is to alleviate the time constraints faced by worshippers who frequent these places of worship.

The circular, issued by Abdul Hamid Al-Mutairi, Director of the Capital Mosques Department, emphasizes the importance of respecting the designated time for Friday sermons and prayers. Addressed directly to imams and preachers, the directive acknowledges their dedication to their religious duties and urges them to fulfill their roles effectively, considering the special circumstances and needs of mosque-goers.

“We appreciate your diligence in carrying out the call to God and performing your duties to the best of your abilities,” the circular states. “We share with you the responsibility of serving the public interest and taking into account the unique circumstances of mosque attendees.”

Highlighting the rationale behind the directive, the circular emphasizes the ministry’s commitment to easing the burden on worshippers in hospital and market areas. It requests all assigned imams, preachers, and muezzins in these locations to strictly adhere to the specified time limit. This measure aims particularly to accommodate workers in the health sector, private sector employees, and visitors who attend Friday prayers during their break times.

The ministry’s initiative underscores its ongoing efforts to optimize the worship experience for all attendees, ensuring that religious services are conducted efficiently and respectfully within community settings.

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