New Health Insurance Hospitals to boost medical services to Kuwaiti residents

New Health Insurance Hospitals to boost medical services to Kuwaiti residents

Hamed Al-Bassam and several attendees in a group photo in front of the main entrance to the Health Insurance Hospital.

KUWAIT CITY, July 8: The Health Insurance Hospitals Company convened a significant press conference to unveil its pivotal initiative aimed at fortifying Kuwait’s healthcare landscape. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hamed Al-Bassam, underscored the strategic importance of launching the Health Insurance Hospitals to cater to expatriates, highlighting its role in alleviating strain on government healthcare facilities and enhancing accessibility to medical appointments for citizens, following a three-year delay.

Al-Bassam emphasized that this initiative will operate in tandem with the Ministry of Health’s system, thereby easing fiscal burdens on the state while generating revenue. Positioned as a cornerstone of Kuwait’s development plan, New Kuwait 2023, the Health Insurance Hospitals Company aims to pioneer advanced healthcare services in the Middle East.

Dr. Anwar Al-Rashed elaborated on the inception of the Health Insurance Hospitals Company in 2008, aligning with Kuwait’s vision for innovative healthcare solutions focused on preventive care. The project intends to establish a comprehensive health insurance framework for Kuwaiti residents, featuring hospitals equipped with 660 beds and seven integrated health centers across the nation’s governorates. This insurance coverage will be mandatory for residents holding work permit Article No. 18.

Director of Medical Engineering, Hussein Al-Sayegh, affirmed the readiness of hospitals and health centers with state-of-the-art medical equipment, pending final regulatory approvals to commence operations and deliver high-quality healthcare services. Mishaal Al-Roumi, Secretary of the Board of Directors, emphasized the Health Insurance Hospitals’ pivotal role in elevating Kuwait’s healthcare standards.

In concluding remarks, Chairman Hamed Al-Bassam expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Health for their collaboration during the construction phase and voiced the company’s readiness to initiate operations pending governmental approval. He reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting the Ministry’s healthcare vision and providing essential services to expatriates under governmental oversight.

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