Massive Drug Bust: Authorities Seize 3.7 Million Lyrica Pills in UAE-Kuwait Joint Operation

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Customs seize 2 containers laden with tobacco at Shuwaikh Port

const evplayerplyr6625ca561a652 = new Plyr(document.getElementById(‘plyr6625ca561a652′)); evplayerplyr6625ca561a652.ratio = ’16:9’; evplayerplyr6625ca561a652.iconUrl=””; evplayerplyr6625ca561a652.blankVideo = ‘’; KUWAIT CITY, April 18: In a significant interception, customs officers at Shuwaikh Port successfully prevented the entry of … Read More

High Seas Showdown: Kuwaiti Authorities Seize 350kg Hash Stash

const evplayerplyr660723133ea7b = new Plyr(document.getElementById(‘plyr660723133ea7b’)); evplayerplyr660723133ea7b.ratio = ’16:9′; evplayerplyr660723133ea7b.iconUrl=””; evplayerplyr660723133ea7b.blankVideo = ‘’; KUWAIT CITY, Mar 29: Upon receiving information about an endeavor to smuggle a considerable quantity of narcotics into … Read More

Kuwait and UAE Authorities Seize 3.75 Million Lyrica Tablets

const evplayerplyr65ec04e651a73 = new Plyr(document.getElementById(‘plyr65ec04e651a73′)); evplayerplyr65ec04e651a73.ratio = ’16:9’; evplayerplyr65ec04e651a73.iconUrl=””; evplayerplyr65ec04e651a73.blankVideo = ‘’; KUWAIT CITY, Mar 8:  In a collaborative effort between the Kuwaiti and Emirati Ministries of Interior, three individuals … Read More

Massive Drug Bust: Kuwait Authorities Seize Narcotics & Firearms

const evplayerplyr65dbd2bbc9d3e = new Plyr(document.getElementById(‘plyr65dbd2bbc9d3e’)); evplayerplyr65dbd2bbc9d3e.ratio = ’16:9′; evplayerplyr65dbd2bbc9d3e.iconUrl=””; evplayerplyr65dbd2bbc9d3e.blankVideo = ‘’; KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: The Ministry of Interior has reported a significant drug bust by the Criminal Security … Read More

Kuwait Authorities Seize 150 Kgs of Hashish Worth Quarter Million Dinars

const evplayerplyr65d8300eafe01 = new Plyr(document.getElementById(‘plyr65d8300eafe01′)); evplayerplyr65d8300eafe01.ratio = ’16:9’; evplayerplyr65d8300eafe01.iconUrl=””; evplayerplyr65d8300eafe01.blankVideo = ‘’; KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: As part of the Ministry of Interior’s ongoing efforts to combat the illegal drug … Read More